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Belldandy (Bunny Version)

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My dear friend @fallettus introduced me to Ah My Goddess! anime a few years ago, and at the time I didn’t have any interest in Belldandy as a character. She’s a safe, caretaker-type that Keiichi encounters after accidentally dialing the Goddess Hotline. I suppose being genuinely nice and altruistic isn’t impossible, but I don’t recall many things Belldandy ever did for herself. Did she have hobbies? I can’t remember. But Belldandy makes for a pretty bunny girl model.

Here we have the FREEing 1/4 scale Belldandy–which Fallettus also obtained for me. At this rate, my dear friend also sounds like my sugar-daddy; I assure you, he is not. He did insist that I post some photos after having Belldandy on my shelf for the past few months. I would have liked a nicer setup for pics, but here we are. She’s still amazing to look at.

Already in Belldandy’s favor are the crazed bangs that radiate from her head. Are these ahoge? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s a style I admire, very much reminiscent of turn-of-the-century space alien characters. Belldandy’s also super happy to be alive. Her hands reaches across space to say, “Nice to meet you, I’m Belldandy. Let’s enjoy our time together!”

The blue outfit in particular is a classy, shiny piece that contrasts her skin oh so perfectly. Is there anything better than white skin and blue fabric? Only god knows–and Belldandy is a goddess, so she must be right. The stockings, like all FREEing bunnies I’m aware of, are real fishnets. Her long legs probably look even better in a sans-fishnet version, but you won’t catch me tearing them off.

Is there anything to critique on this figure? The answer is NO. This figure is so flawless that now, I plan to read the Oh My Goddess! manga, and get to the bottom of this bland Belldandy mystery. Someone so cute can’t be this boring!


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