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Kurumu Kurono

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Long time, no see! I have been fully consumed by the duties of a salaried job, and my sleep schedule is all sorts of fucked up. But the waifus are always there for me. Amen! Praise be to the waifus! Today, I am proud to present the holiest of grails: Kurumu Kurono from Rosario Vampire. Let me describe to you the ways this beauty has made my home a better place to live.

I posted on the glory of blue haired babes earlier this year, and I still believe in blue hair supremacy. It is an utterly artificial color for humans, making it naturally better than real human hair colors. People can dye their hair blue, but does that count? Can we really compare ourselves to the beautiful, perfect aspects of a fictional being? No. We are but conmen, imitators striving for greatness only waifus can achieve.

What surprises me is the good condition of Kurumu, released in 2012 by Orchid Seed. No funky smells, minimal scuffs, and nice airbrushing. There’s some manufacturing seams, but that’s not a bother. It turns out Kurumu was released the same year my other grail, Reiko, was dropped by Skytube. Maybe I need more Orchid Seed figures in my life? I’ll consider it as soon as they stop releasing these Inuburo Kogashuu figures. I think I hear sirens…

Cast-off features include removing the top half of the maid costume that revealing the breasts, and removing the skirt + apron to expose panties. For brand preservation purposes, I assume, the panties are not removable and are molded into the skin. I started rewatching Rosario Vampire, and based on the early episodes the show is definitely more of a cute harem and less like a cock tease. This is fine–Kurumu was known for her boobs in the show.

There’s liberties taken with this figure that also remind me of Reiko Wingfield, chiefly the elongated proportions, and the well-endowed but smaller-than-expected chest. (Kurumu gets a lot of boob jokes in the anime, so I’m surprised her bust isn’t bigger here.) The school shoes and their blue to black ombre are pretty sexy. Hair bangs and neck accessories are always great to me, so bonus points there. Then, there’s her face! I’m normally a sucker for cheery, enthusiastic faces, but Kurumu’s clearly questioning whether this outfit was a good idea, or whether removing it grants her access to Tsukune’s dick. That uncertainty of thresholds, of how far she should go to achieve her goals, is what’s charming here.

Kurumu was supposed to come with shoulder straps for the outfit, which would make it look like she’s stripping naked when held in her hands. I didn’t receive those from the seller; I think I can snip some old headphone wires and the effect will be the same. I’m just grateful to have her be part of my expanding PVC harem. Welcome home, Kurumu.

P.S. You should look at the photographs Bloempje posted on MFC for some inspiration. They’re good.

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