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Shino Momose

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Shino Momose roughly translates to “big breasted behemoth” in Japanese. Like an erotic kaiju threatening to crush cities under her golden heels, Shino takes up monster-sized space on my shelf and dwarfs my other figures. The jiggle of her breasts could cause gale force winds, and the clapping of her ass cheeks would shatter glass within a five mile radius. In other words, she’s pretty big, and pretty pretty.

I ordered this BINDing bunny from eknightmedia a year ago, but once I saw others receiving their orders before I did, I gave up on the idea of owning Shino. Then, I receive an email a couple of weeks ago saying that she’s in stock and I need to pay for her. It was tempting to let the invoice expire and save myself a lot of money, but I bit the bullet eventually.

Hayabusa illustrated this beauty, and the rest of their artwork makes it obvious that Hayabusa loves the finer things in life. Shino Momose is all about curves and thiccness. Bunny girl figures typically kneel, crawl, or squat depending on how sexy they’re trying to be. As a pole dancer, the squat works well to accentuate those colossal thighs, which she balances on absurdly thin heels. I’m surprised her quadriceps aren’t tearing right through the stockings.

On to the details! Shino’s golden heels deserve a chef’s kiss. The contrast against the shiny black upper turns a stiletto into art. The straps securing the stockings to the bunny suit are lovely touch. What struck me when I first saw this figure was the fuchsia layer of hair beneath the black on her head. I just find that to be very cool.

The matte black of the bunny suit was a bit disappointing to me, but after looking at my other figures, I realize glossy cast-off parts are rare. I guess the matte is a result of making malleable plastics. The ribbon on her collar also feels goofy–I expect a bowtie on a bunny girl. Ribbons are for gifts, dresses, and hairdos.

Shino Momose comes with two suits: one covering the breasts, and one that reveals them. I didn’t feel like going into my closet for the revealing costume, so I went straight for the full nudity after the first round of photos. Shino is very much shaped like a stripper you’d see on social media, with large breasts that taper down to a narrow waste, then hips that could break a man’s pelvis with one thrust. She has a cute beauty mark just above her vagina. Her underside is harder to see because of the squat position, but thank God for floor mirrors!

Considering how large 1/4 scale bunnies are, Shino Momose will likely be the last one I order for a while. (I do have my eye on Queen from Date a Bullet, but who knows if I’ll pull the trigger on that one.) She might be the last figure I get for a while, since the shipping costs of my latest figures have been offensively high. Collecting in COVID times has been rough.

But, do enjoy the pics of this busty beauty. You shall not be disappointed.

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