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Natsumi Amemiya

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I began taking pics of this latest Native release and noticed she reminds me of Miku Nakano from Quintessential Quintuplets. I doubt artist kekemotsu did this intentionally. Anyone who’s read the Quintuplets manga or seen the show knows that Miku would NEVER be so forward about her sexual desires. Swimming pool debauchery would be a cute fantasy for her and Fuutaro-kun, though.

Natsumi is the only figure I have that is manufactured by Native. I have three other figures from their distribution network: Slingshot Babe and Red Riding Hood (Rocket Boy), and Shino Momose (BINDing). As expected, the fit-and-finish of cast-off parts is fantastic. There’s the slightest defect in paint application Natsumi’s right breast, but this is invisible in the photos. The best part? This figure’s at 1/5 scale yet occupies little shelf space thanks to its swimming block base.

Although the nip-slips and pussy teasing are selling points for this figure, I’m in love with Natsumi’s thighs. Her quads are fully stretched, exposing the adductor muscles leading to her pelvis and crotch. We even get the hint of hamstrings as they round out the leg underneath. It’s rare to see a figure with any attention paid to its legs.

Equally alluring is Natsumi’s ultra-lewd face. My preference is to buy figures who look like they’re enjoying themselves. Natsumi’s well past the point of pleasure and just wants to swallow some dick–a bonus, in my opinion. Her lower half is swappable: she can offer a peek at her crotch or show some full-on pussy. Her right hand is also interchangeable for a spread of her labia.

Natsumi’s hat is a nice accessory if you spin it backward. It adds unexpected flair to an already exaggerated figure. That said, it’s entirely white, so I had to correct exposure for both Natsumi’s skin and her hat.

I ordered this figure because Native struck a balance between unabashed sexuality and artistry. I later learned that in kekemotsu’s original doujinshi, Natsumi is more like Miku Nakano than I thought–shy and not at all interested in sex with her students. The story devolves into nonconsensual territory I’m uncomfortable with, so I can’t recommend it. There’s enough problematic hentai in the world.

The bottom line? Natsumi Amemiya should totally occupy your personal shelf. She has a few props, changeable parts, comes with a postcard, and is very cute. She takes some good pics, too. Special thanks to my best friend for buying me a Glendan lightbox for Christmas.

2 responses to “Natsumi Amemiya”

  1. Red Avatar

    Amazing! I’m also pleased as bunch on your detail of human anatomy of the leggies. I expect nothing less of the one true kohai


    1. Goatius Avatar

      lol you’re silly, senpai


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