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The PVC Waifus’ Guide to Buying Anime Figures

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The figure collecting hobby has changed over the past two years thanks to COVID interruptions of manufacturing and shipping. Anime conventions are caught between in-person, virtual, or hybrid models. Shops have closed down or are forced to charge more because of supply chain issues. I couldn’t even find a detolf to place my figures in last year! It can be hard to remember why we collect figures at all, or if they’re worth the price we pay for them. Does this hobby truly make us happy?

Well, we’re not therapists, so did the next best thing and put together the PVC Waifus’ Guide to Buying Anime Figures. In this 24 page book, Lady Red and I share our knowledge on finding affordable characters for our lonely shelves. We hope that readers can learn from our experiences, share their own thoughts on what collecting is like, and teach that information to other otaku.

By the way, the guide is absolutely free. Click the link on our menu or download your copy today!

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