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Sameshima Urara

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Urara was on my MFC wishlist for a couple of years before two people finally listed her for sale. (If there were any listings before, I did not pay them mind because of exorbitant pricing.) I bought from the U.S. seller for simplicity’s sake, and nearly three weeks later, Urara arrived at my door. I think she is absolutely sublime, a Holy Grail figure for sure.

Sameshima Urara is designed by artist uodenim, whose only other figure, Julia, is a stripper dressed as police officer. (Julia and Urara could almost be sisters.) Uodenim likes lewding women in uniform, I guess? I won’t argue with the results here: Urara is cute in her ridiculously inappropriate sailor outfit.

There’s an impossibility to Sameshima Urara that I love. She’s leaning on a broom and… sweeping tiny torpedoes off the ground? There’s no way that broom could support her as she stands on her tip-toes Michael Jackson-style. On top of this, her uniform is very, very blue. I’m in love with her leggings and blue underwear.

Sameshima Urara’s thong can be removed to reveal a lovely, plump buttocks. Her breast plate can be switched to show off those natural boobies. There is also a replacement pelvis that can receive those torpedoes as dildos for insertion. This is the only figure I own with a functional vagina, so this was a fun feature for me. (Now that I think about it, I wonder if Ayame and Urara can have a little fun together?)

Urara has a face plate swap with a more sexual expression. I’m not always happy with face options on these figures, as sometimes they make characters look uncomfortable instead of aroused. I think Urara’s lewd face strikes a nice balance of pleasure and apprehension. If I were busy sweeping the floors and someone wanted to fuck me, I’d be scared to get caught.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore shelf space in my room to display Sameshima Urara! It’s going to be a few months before I can afford another detolf, so she’ll stay in the shipping box unless I rearrange my collection. (I also have a Belfast and Satellizer waiting in their boxes until I do another photo shoot.) For now, I’ll have to marvel at Urara’s beauty from these pictures. I’m in love!

One response to “Sameshima Urara”

  1. EricS Avatar

    I’d love to see more photos, she’s adorable!


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