Belfast: Oath of Claddagh ver.

My only experience with Azur Lane is the anime that came out a few years ago. (Well, I did download the mobile game but was letdown by the unsexy chibi and simple mehanics.) Belfast, who cared for the ailing and depressed Enterprise, was my favorite character in the show. I could not resist Belfast’s politeness, kindness, and beauty. Her broken chain necklace is mega-kinky. And those boobies? Instant Titty-Hypnosis.

Her figure is 1/7 scale but the dress and base are about 30 centimeters wide. Unlike my Muramasa wedding figure, Belfast’s dress feels very delicate and made of several layers of overlapping plastic. Handling her is not something I want to do often; I need to save money for a third detolf to display her.

Belfast is flawless as far as I can see. I appreciate details like the earrings, and gold/silver necklace and tiara. The bouquet has these lovely, glossy blue flowers and blue-green leaves. The bouquet also fits perfectly in Belfast’s hands thanks to a well-designed handle. The veil is almost magical: it is partially see-though, and a pearlescent color shines when its in the right lighting. The only way to make this figure better is to remove the clothing!

Should you buy this figure? If you have the shelf space and can afford the shipping, then “yes.” I paid way too much for shipment of this figure from Japan. Maybe the box was too big? I can’t afford new figures at the moment, but when I jump back into collecting I will only order goods with fixed shipping prices. Until then, we’ll have to stare at Belfast awhile longer.

How do I explain to my wife the fact that I’m married to a battleship-woman?

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