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Satellizer el Bridget: Bondage ver.

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It turns out Ninoma is a great website to buy figures; I purchased Ryoko Bunny Ver. from them at retail price months after her release. This time, we’re looking at Satellizer (aka Satella) from the series FREEZING. For a shameless ecchi/action saga, FREEZING is surprisingly good in the first season. The second season was slower than expected, and gets into some heavy sexual abuse issues–which is why this figure is a little difficult to understand from a narrative perspective if not a marketing one.

Satella isn’t very charismatic, cheerful, or even interesting as far as characters go. A lot of this apathy is explained in Season Two, where it is revealed that she is victim to her brother’s unwarranted advances. I can’t recall her wearing the bondage outfit this figure displays; if she did, it would be completely against her sexually averse nature. By the end of the anime, I believe she’s willing to open up emotionally to Kazuya, so there’s opportunity for a world where this figure makes sense.

It’s good that this version of Satella is enthusiastic about deploying her white whip. She looks so happy! Giving her a whip puts her in a dominant position–exactly what every limp-dicked protagonist wants to see.

Now, the figure itself presents some interesting challenges. Out of the box, Satella had that strong smell figures tend to develop either as a result of time or cheaper materials. I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of an entirely naked second torso.

Swapping bodies isn’t as smooth as I’m used to with higher-end figures, as the limbs take a bit of work to snap into place. Satella’s head comes off easily, but it never perfectly fits into the neck groove. Finally, the whip easily slips from her fingers, and took me a minute to properly fit.

Lest it sound like I hate this figure, Satella is very cute in this outfit. So, enjoy the pics and check out Freezing when you can! By the end of the show I was very much rooting for Satella to love a long and happy life.

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